Disaster in Moore Oklahoma – How we can Engage Rotary to help!!!

Engage Rotary - Change Lives

Engage Rotary – Change Lives

There are 24 confirmed deaths, and hundreds of confirmed injuries, so far. The mile-wide tornado spent 40 minutes on the ground in Moore, Oklahoma, near Oklahoma City and Norman Oklahoma, which is just about 10 miles away and is the home to RI President-elect Ron Burton. Moore Oklahoma and Norman Oklahoma are both in District 5770.

Very little is known at this point in terms of the needs in Moore OK but they will be great and they will become apparent in the coming days, weeks and months.  I have been in touch with the DGE from D5770 this evening and have offered our help and support. DGE Terry and DG Phil are thankful for our concern and thoughts.

You are probably wondering what you can do to help the community of Moore OK and we have plan.

The preliminary plan is this:

– We collect funds that can be used for matching funds in a Global Grant.
– We identify an international sponsor, making this a reverse Global Grant in effect.
– We will have D5770 determine a true need that fits within the 6 areas of focus and meets the criteria for a global grant. This may take a month or so.
– We (D7980) will write the grant proposal to include all supporting districts so that we can maximize the power of the multiple dollars available through TRF.

What you can do:
– Raise funds in your district for the community of Moore OK.
– See if you have global TRF funds that will be available in your district after 7/1 that can be used. I would encourage you to match the funds raised by clubs in your district with your TRF global money. That is the approach that we are leaning towards in D7980.


I will be working on this with my Co-Chair; Barbara Moore, President of the East Hampton Rotary Club and with both PDG Mac Leask and PDG Rick Benson as well as DG Brian Amey.

Contact me with questions and thoughts.

Rick Bassett, DGE – D7980

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