Official Visit #1 – Deep River Rotary Club

I had the pleasure of meeting with the board, officers and club members of the Deep River Rotary Club today during my first official visit as a District Governor.

The friendly members of this club work hard and care very much about the success of the club. The Deep River Rotary club has been in town since 1950 and have a mix of members that live in town as well as many that live outside of Deep River but all care very much about the community.

The club is very active in projects and fundraisers to support their projects.

Upcoming fundraisers include:

The Deep River Rotary Club meets lunchtime on Tuesdays at the Ivory Restaurant, 1 Kirkland Street in Deep River. It is a nice facility, a good meal with exceptional Rotarians.

Be sure to stop by and visit them for lunch on Tuesdays and then stop by the Town Hall to see the Elephant in person.

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