Interesting program on Liver Health at Fairfield Rotary today

Sometimes you catch a pretty interesting and informative program when visiting Rotary Clubs and I had that pleasure today while dropping in on the Fairfield Rotary Club. The bad news: About 10% of the US population has some sort of Liver heath related issues caused by a variety of things like poor diet, lack of exercise, too much drinking (so far it sounds a lot like being a Rotarian right?) and some other risky things like contaminated food, raw shellfish, blood to blood contact, drug needles. Hmmmm…now the liver is just one more thing to think about.

President Steve Elworthy was all business in running the meeting today as he skillfully started and ended on time, which was no easy task given the packed agenda. It was nice seeing so many old friends again.

Fairfield has an interesting fundraiser where they sell gift cards to stores and make a small percentage on each sale. You can see George Markley running the gift card table in the picture above.

Fairfield Rotary is running their 26th Annual Golf Tournament on 9/23/13 at the Brooklawn Country Club, here is a link to the information

2 thoughts on “Interesting program on Liver Health at Fairfield Rotary today

  1. Hi Rick,
    Great to see you and a Big Thank You for posting this.
    Especially the Golf Tournament and George’s Gift Card Program.
    Really appreciate your coming by and spending the time with us!
    See you September 9th.
    All the Best and Yours in Rotary Service,

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