Chester Rotary Lobsterfest – A resounding success on 09-07-2013

The Chester Rotary Lobsterfest has a unique family feel to it that is unlike any of the other Rotary Lobster events that Jennifer and I have attended before. Attendees line up outside the gates an hour or so before they start serving so that they can claim their prime picnic spot. People bring in full picnic supplies including table cloths, coolers, appetizers, candles, drinks and a considerable amount of Lobster regalia. Many of the attendees are adorned in fashionable Lobsterwear.

The weather gods cooperated and the Rotarians of the Chester Rotary Club pulled off yet another successful Lobsterfest this evening with the help of many family and friends. The food was delicious, the service was friendly and well organized, the music was top notch and the beer was plenty cold.

Ticket sales were given a boost by the club adding the online pre-purchase option with PayPal.

If you missed Chester Lobsterfests 1 through 43 then there is no reason to miss next year’s event.

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