Disaster in Moore Oklahoma – How we can Engage Rotary to help!!!

There are 24 confirmed deaths, and hundreds of confirmed injuries, so far. The mile-wide tornado spent 40 minutes on the ground in Moore, Oklahoma, near Oklahoma City and Norman Oklahoma, which is just about 10 miles away and is the home to RI President-elect Ron Burton. Moore Oklahoma and Norman Oklahoma are both in District 5770. Very […]

Official Visit #60 – Mystic Rotary – leads the district in new members

The Mystic Rotary Club, with about 60 members will be celebrating their 60th Anniversary this spring just before their annual Lobsterfest (a sentence stuffed with information). The Mystic Rotary Club has added 6 new members since July 1st without losing any thus making them the leading Club in our District in terms of membership growth year-to-date. […]