Hello All,

I am enjoying a busy life with family, friends, and work. I’ve been blessed to have met and worked with thousands of people from all walks of life over the years,  this website and social media is a great way to stay in virtual touch with everyone.

I like keeping very active and getting the most out of each day.

My professional passion is Real Estate. I am an investor, a property manager, and a Realtor. I am also in the process of working towards my Connecticut Broker’s license, which I hope to have before the end of 2020.

My primary W-2 job is being the Business Information Systems department chairperson and a tenured faculty member in the School of Business at SCSU in New Haven Connecticut. It’s a great school with a fabulous and rich history dating back to 1893. 

I look forward to new challenges, learning new things, meeting new people, and staying in touch with past acquaintances.

Rick Bassett