D7980’s District Directory is going Digital

Mock ups of the new digital directory

Mock ups of the new digital directory

We will stop spending $5,000 per year to publish the District Directory as D7980’s  directory is going digital this year. The directory will be published in color as a PDF file.

Besides the cost savings; we get to help out the environment by eliminating 2300+ printed copies going into the landfill each year.

The directory will still feature some of the traditional static information such as Rotary Dignitaries BIO’s, Budget, Award winners and more. Also featured will be dynamic data from Presidents, Assistant Governors and Committee members as they update their data they make our directory up to to date. We will draw dynamic data for the district directory from DaCdb, our District and Club Database System.

Our plan is to release 4 – 6 updated versions of the directory during the 2013-14 Rotary year.

For those people who simply must have a printed version, feel free to print off a copy of the PDF file.

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