District 7980 Assembly is April 13, 2013 – Not to be missed

Who says that committee work can't be fun?

Who says that committee work can’t be fun?

The District Assembly (DA) committee has been hard at work (and play) for months planning a unique experience for the attendees on April 13th at Southern CT State University. We have a great program lined up at a fabulous facility.

The goals of the DA this year are:

– To provide quality training for the incoming 2013-14 club leaders (Presidents and their Leadership Teams) for their new roles.

– Providing Rotary orientation to newer Rotarians on the ‘Bigger Picture of Rotary outside the Club walls’.

– Offering a fast track ‘condensed’ certification program for Rotary Foundation Grants eligibility.

Other key highlights include: several inspirational keynote speakers focusing on Leadership and Effective Change Management, the 4-Way Test Competition by the Finalists and real life success stories by over a dozen D7980 clubs  on membership, community service and international service projects.

Come to learn how to be Vibrant Club through the hard fought lessons learned by your fellow D7980 Rotarians and by Rotary Coordinator Alan Hurst.

We promise that this DA will be different from any other that you have ever attended. This is the one that people will be taking about, don’t miss out.

Here is a link to the DRAFT Program, Agenda and Signup Sheet. There will be several more updates to the program before we open the doors on the 13th.

Please share this unique Rotary experience with as many of your fellow club members as possible.

See you there!!!

Rick Bassett

District Governor Elect

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