Update: 7/18: New Rules from the Rotary Council of Legislation (COL)

New Rules from the Council of Legislation (COL)

New Rules from the Council of Legislation

The Council of Legislation (COL) meets every three years with a representative selected to attend from each District.  The purpose is to consider submitted proposals for revisions or additions to our RI Constitution and Bylaws,  standard Club Bylaws as well as items contained in the Manual of Procedure (MOP).

Noteworthy (passed):

New Generations will be known as “Youth Service” as of July 1, 2013 – passed 308 to 205.

RI Dues will increase to $25.50 per half year in 2013-14, $27.00 per half year in 2014-15, $27.50 per half year in 2015-16 and $28.00 per half year in 2016-17.

The name District Assembly will change to District Training Assembly.

Standard club bylaws regarding the appointment of officers and directors in favor of including the Club Secretary as a member of the board.  This will become effective July 1, 2013.

The rule of 85 for excused absences.  At the last COL in 2010 the minimum age of 60 years was raised to 65 in order to qualify for the total of 85 (age and years in Rotary) to qualify for exemption from attendance requirements.  That increase caused a lot of concern for those caught in the middle with no grandfathering clause.  It was decided to eliminate the minimum age and so now one merely has to have their age and years of Rotary membership total 85 to be excused from attendance policies.

Members must serve in your club for at least one year before leading as president unless your governor says you have enough experience to lead the club.

Members can participate in club projects or other events and activities for at least 12 hours in each half of the year to receive attendance credit.

Your club can now invite people to be club members that are no longer employed, are active in childcare, or work for their spouse.

If you want to transfer to a different club, request a letter from your former club stating that you have no debts with them.  If your former club doesn’t provide this letter within 30 days, your new club will assume that you owe nothing and are free to join their club.

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