March with our fellow Newtown Rotarians on Labor Day (Sept 2nd)

It seems like a lifetime ago but the Sandy Hook tragedy is still less than a year behind us.

Many of us were anxious to help after the horrific tragedy that took place in our district on December 14th and until recently writing checks was the primary way to provide assistance.

Now Newtown President Tom McKirdy and our favorite Immediate Past District Governor Brian Amey (and Newtown Rotarian) are asking for our help in participating in the Newtown Labor Day Parade. They would like strong District-wide Rotary presence of parade marchers as a show of support to the Newtown community.

In iPDG Brian Amey‘s words ‘Any District Rotarian that feels like a stroll through the leafy street of Newtown will be welcome, please ask them to contact me if they are coming. Asking all comers to bring their Club banners as a show of solidarity! The Parade is expected to be one of the biggest in recent history. The Press Corp will be there in force and the theme says it all “We are Newtown Marching Strong”‘.

Please contact iPDG Brian Amey via email by clicking here

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