Official Visit #5 – Norwich Sunrise Rotary

You have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat the Norwich Sunrise Rotary Club as they meet at 7 AM on Monday mornings. They are the first meeting of the Rotary week in D7980 and the only breakfast club that meets on Monday’s. Besides the normal formalities, the club meeting kicks off with amusing stories and jokes by one of their members (this week it was Mike Jewell).  It’s a great way to liven things up and start the meeting on a high note.

Every 5th Monday the club gets together for an evening fellowship to mix things up a bit.

This club is often referred to as ‘The Builders Club’ as many of their members are trade contractors which very often put their time and talent to good use in community projects such as a recent garage demolition with the Norwich Rotary Club.

The Norwich Sunrise Rotary club is a relatively new club as it was founded in 1998 and currently has 28 members. President Jim Troeger and his board are committed to building on membership and gaining greater club awareness through increased publicity this coming year.

The big fundraisers for the club are: The Annual Duck Race (held each May) and the Golf Tournament (held Sept 4th this year).

Early Riser? Then visit the Norwich Sunrise Rotary club on Monday mornings at the Courtyard Marriott in Norwich (just off of exit 82 on I395). Too early for you? Then visit/like their Facebook page by clicking here

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