Official Visit #10 – Ridgefield Rotary Club

The Ridgefield Rotary club just came off of an award winning year under Past President Bill Wyman and President Joe Kritez is already building on those successes.  President Joe is a highly organized leader running a very motivated club that is looking to accomplish big things in their community. The Ridgefield club is looking to add a 2nd major fundraising event on top of their Taste of Ridgefield  event so that they can meet the increased demand for community needs and they are also looking to expand their already successful community presence by leveraging social media more effectively.

The club has a very good handle on membership growth and retention and they brought in a dynamic young member, Kathy Graham, last night they also have plans to bring in 3 – 4 additional members in the coming months. After Kathy was inducted each member introduced themselves to her and gave her a warm welcoming and thanked her for being part of their club (it was the first time that I had seen this done at a Rotary club). President-elect Rich Vazzana was Kathy’s sponsor.

Assistant Governor Larry Gardner actively participated in the board meeting last night and he clearly has the admiration as a trusted advisor and friend of the club. AG Larry also did a superb of introducing me to the club!

The Ridgefield Rotary club generously supported the Oklahoma Relief effort by presenting me with a check for $1,000 last night. Barbara Moore and I are extremely grateful for this kindhearted support.

Just off the Presses: The first page of the The Ridgerunner -Aug 22, 2013 by Bill Wyman

The Ridgefield Rotary club meets for dinner on Wednesdays at the Bar & Grill on 7 @ 967 Ethan Allen Highway in Ridgefield. It’s a fun group and a nice place to visit. I was lucky enough to have an item on the menu in my honor (DG Ribs).

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