Official Visit #12 – Ridgefield Sunrise

President John Metzger

President John Metzger, Hal Marcus, Jennifer Slover and Tom Watson at their morning meeting on 08-27-2013

Today was the District Governor Official Visit to the Ridgefield Sunrise Club. I was joined by Assistant Governor Larry Gardner who has now had to endure my talk twice within 12 hours; poor guy.

The Ridgefield Sunrise club was chartered in 2011 and is the newest club in District 7980. John Metzger is the third President of the club since it’s inception. The club was initially chartered with 25 members but membership has slipped into the upper teens, which is common for new clubs trying to get a footing.

The club plans on focusing on two main charities during this Rotary Year; the Ridgefield Food Pantry and The Disabled Veterans Organization.

President Metzger and the board have identified the following club priorities for the coming year:

  • Making each meeting a valuable use of attendees time.
  • Retaining and attracting new members.
  • Keeping focused on the main goals for the year.

The club recognizes the importance of fellowship as a foundation to membership and as such Keith Miller, Immediate Past President, has a fellowship picnic scheduled at his house on Labor Day for members, prospective members and their families.

The Ridgefield Sunrise, a breakfast club, is one of two Rotary clubs in Ridgefield Connecticut. The other Ridgefield club is a dinner club that was established in 1941.

Join the Ridgefield Sunrise club for a nice breakfast on Tuesday mornings at 7:15 at Eats on Main.

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