Official Visit #26 – New Haven Rotary Club

I always feel right at home in the New Haven Rotary Club, I’ve been there many times and know a good number of the members well. For me, any of the ‘Haven’ Clubs (East, West, North and New) is like coming home. I grew up in West Haven and have spent considerable time in all of the ‘Havens’ throughout my lifetime.

The New Haven Club  was charted in 1917, making it one of the oldest clubs in the District. The Club can proudly boast of a long rich deep leadership history at all levels of Rotary International, The Zone and District Service. Many District Governors have come from the New Haven Club including the most recent and everybody’s favorite;Colin Gershon. District Secretary Doug Lisk  and Area 7 Assistant Governor Ron Osach also hail from the New Haven Rotary Club.

The Club has big goals in that President John Karavas and his board are trying their best to Reengage Rotarians and to grow the membership of the club in creative entrepreneurial ways. The club is also looking to add a new annual major fundraiser.

The Club is a very active community partner and participates in the following:

  • Partners with Junior Achievement to bring JA programs to New Haven Elementary Schools
  • Significant Partners in Amber Alert
  • Camp Cedarcrest Cleanup
  • St Patrick’s  Parade Day parking
  • Salvation Army Fill the Truck
  • Lighthouse Park Beach clean-up
  • Hosting Moldovan Court Administrators

They are also especially proud to be an EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) Club three years running.

The New Haven Rotary Club meets at the Graduate Club in New Haven for lunch on Tuesdays and they have a great buffet. Well worth the visit for the fellowship.

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