Official Visit #40 – Hamden Rotary Club – Rebooting for the next 76 years

The Hamden Rotary Club has gone back to basics this year under President Mohammad “Mo” Elahee’s expert leadership as they focus on the reinventing their Club. Like many Rotary Clubs, their club has experienced a steady erosion in membership over the past several years which has impacted their ability to do all of the important things that they wish to do.

The Club has been around for 76+ years and they are proactively taking steps to position themselves for the next 76 years.

It’s refreshing to work with a leadership team that consciously appreciates that their Club’s well being directly affects the good which they are able to do in their community and the world.

President Mo (also President in 2008-09) and his board are experimenting with a number of approaches this year including:

  • Switching the majority of their evening meetings to morning meetings
  • Hosting a fellowship on (or about) the 4th week of each month in place of their regular meeting
  • Suspending most fundraising activities for the year to focus on Club Service as Priority #1
  • Eliminating activities which distract their attention from their core mission

So far the subtle changes seem to be having a positive effect as attendance and participation are gradually rising.

The Hamden Rotary Club has a rich deep history and is a an important component of our District. Hamden Rotary is the home club of:

They also sponsored the North Haven Rotary Club (my home club) in 1941.

The Hamden Rotary Club meets at the Playwright Restaurant for Breakfast meetings at 7:30AM on first & second Tuesday, and at 5:45PM for dinner on 3rd Tuesday. The meals are great, as is the fellowship. Stop by and say hello.

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