Liberty Bank/Rotary Club Thanksgiving Dinner Drive starts today

Waterford Rotary Turkey Drive

Waterford Rotary Turkey Drive

When you sit down to your Thanksgiving feast, do you ever think about what the holiday would be like if you couldn’t afford to feed your family? Unfortunately, too many families in our area struggle with that problem every year. That’s why Liberty Bank and the Liberty Bank Foundation have teamed up with 29 local Rotary Clubs with an important mission in mind: to make sure that all of our neighbors can share in a bountiful Thanksgiving feast. Since the Liberty Bank/Rotary Club Thanksgiving Dinner Drive began in 2004, it has provided over $756,000 to put turkey and all the trimmings on the tables of families in need.

Stonington's Turkey Drive

Stonington’s Turkey Drive

Beginning the day after Columbus Day, all 48 Liberty Bank offices collect donations to the drive, which are deposited to special accounts owned by the participating Rotary Clubs. On the Monday before Thanksgiving, the Liberty Bank Foundation will add 25 cents for each dollar raised, up to a total of $30,000.

Each Rotary Club then withdraws the funds and uses them to provide Thanksgiving food in its local community. Clubs may purchase and deliver food themselves, or donate the proceeds of the drive to a local nonprofit organization that provides Thanksgiving food to needy residents. In 2012, the drive provided a record total of more than $146,000 in food.

Screenshot 2013-10-15 06.16.33The 2013 Liberty Bank/Rotary Club Thanksgiving Dinner Drive will begin on Tuesday, October 15. In these difficult economic times, more families than ever will need help to put turkey on the table. When the time comes, please help by making a donation at any participating Rotary Club. Your generosity will make your own Thanksgiving dinner taste even better!

Thank you to Liberty Bank and The Liberty Bank Foundation for partnering up with the local Rotary Clubs on this important endeavor.

11-26-2013 Update: Here is a link to the final results of the 2013 Food Drive