Official Visit #48 – West Haven Rotary (Check out their promotional video)

The West Haven Rotary Club is strong in many areas but they are especially known for being the leading Club in Vocational Service in District D7980 for the past 10+ years. Not resting on their laurels in Vocational service, their efforts are always evolving. Their video (below) is an example of these continuing efforts as it is carefully designed to educate the community on Who West Haven Rotary is and What they do. President Jason Crockett has even offered to educate and assist other D7980 Clubs on how to go about producing their own promotional videos as part of West Haven’s commitment to Vocational Service.

Check out the promotional Club video that the West Haven Rotary Club has produced.

I grew up in West Haven Connecticut, which is contrary to my joke yesterday that no one from West Haven ever grows up. All of those years sitting in my private chair in the Principal’s office apparently turned out to be good District Governor training.

Visiting the West Haven Rotary Club is always like coming home in a sense as the members are down to earth and funny as heck. They are seasoned practical jokers that rib and abuse each other, as well as any guests in the room, in good natured fun.

This Club has membership in the mid 50’s (size not age) and has a very active community presence, some would argue a force, since 1930. They are always looking to add quality members to their Club that will compliment and enhance their efforts in the West Haven Community.

The West Haven Rotary Club meets at App’s on Captain Thomas Boulevard on Wednesday afternoons for lunch. Always a good lunch and a good time. Bring happy dollars and a sense of adventure.

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