Start planning for your Rotary Club Holiday Party Now!!!!

Holiday Party Pic0

We haven’t gotten past Thanksgiving yet but it’s time to set our sights on planning for the December Holiday season. Things are moving quickly; pretty soon Groundhog Day will be upon us.

A Holiday Party for your Rotary Club members, spouses and partners is a fabulous way to cement relationships and engage your extended Rotary family in the great fun and friendships that your Club has to offer.

It seems like a long time from now but Christmas is just over 60 days away and everyone’s calendars tends fill up quickly around the holidays.

Holiday Party Pic1The best parties are informal low cost fellowships (rather than elaborate expensive sit down dinners) at a member’s home or place of business where guests bring the food, deserts and the drinks while the party host provides a welcoming environment and the setups.

The most important thing to do at the moment is to pick a date and to get it on to everyone’s calendar. You can fill in the details in the coming weeks.

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