Official Visit #53 – New London Rotary Club – Two Official Visits on the same day

The New London Rotary Club is so large (just about 100 members) that they required 2 official visits on Thursday Oct 24th.

The New London Club runs a breakfast and lunch meeting each Thursday as the ‘dual schedule’ affords members maximum flexibly to attend Club meetings on a regular basis.

Ten to fifteen New London Rotarians meet in the morning @ Muddy Waters in what is known as a satellite meeting while the balance of the New London Rotarians attend their regular Rotary meeting for lunch  @ Tony D’s. The morning meetings have an interesting format in that they are facilitated by Ivan Sadler in such a manner that each attendee is afforded several minutes to talk about issues germane to New London and New London Rotary. While the feel is relaxed the group actually covers considerable ground in the hour that they meet.

The afternoon meeting is structured in a way that makes the most efficient use of 80+ people’s time of 1 hour and 15 minutes. The Club recently moved a few blocks away to Tony D’s Restaurant from The Holiday Inn. Members appear to be enjoying the environment, the hospitality and the food at Tony D’s as the move seems to have had a positive impact on attendance.

On Thursday Mark Spinnato was recognized with a Paul Harris plus 2 sapphires (PH+2) for his generous support of The Rotary Foundation. During his brief remarks Mark told us that big things in the world are possible by making small sacrifices in life like cutting back on lattes. Mark is a role model that we can all be proud of, he lives Service above Self everyday. Mark is in good company as many New London Rotarians also generously support The Rotary Foundation.

While the New London Rotary Club is known for it’s many good works in their community and the world, they are famously known for their long-term support of:

With respect to Fundraisers the Club holds (2) Brewfest events and (1) Wine event each year.

Want to visit the New London Rotary Club but can’t decide? Then attend both breakfast @ Muddy Waters and lunch @ Tony D’s as a number of members do.

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