North Haven Rotary Abducts (2) New Rotarians!!!

A dual new member abduction took place this morning at the Breakfastnook in North Haven as the North Haven Rotary Club converted two mildly interested prospects into fully engaged Rotarians.

The North Haven Rotary Club is happy to induct their two newest members: Al Centone and Deana Morin. Al & Deana have been diligently attending meetings for months and were hardworking participants at the Club’s most recent fundraiser; Wine & Roses. They are both very nice outgoing people that are a pleasure to be around. Deana was sponsored by LuAnn Buono and Al was sponsored by President Debbie Volain.

Abduction you ask? Deana’s nine year old niece called her last night to congratulate her on her upcoming abduction into our Club, we are going with that.

The Club now has 47 actively engaged Rotarians, up from a low of about 17 in the dark days of the late 1990’s,  thanks to the efforts of Membership Chair Ralph Cooke. Ralph’s job is to bring in quality members while it’s everyone else’s job to keep them. To quote Ralph “People only leave our Club horizontally”. It’s a formula that has worked out pretty well for over a decade.

The ‘Bumper Crop’ of newer Rotarians (Nick, LuAnn, Donna Mae, Erik and Ian) has helped to propel the Club into new and exciting directions as their collective energy and interests has moved the Club to think and act in ways that hasn’t been done before.   Al and Deana bring in a whole new level of positive energy to the mix and we are looking forward to them lifting us even further.

Photos courtesy of Dave Marchesseault

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