Assistant Governor – The 2nd best job in Rotary

D7980 AG's

D7980 AG’s

Did you know that we have 12 Assistant governors (AG’s) in our District of 61 Rotary Clubs and that each AG is responsible for an area with anywhere between 4 to 6 Rotary Clubs?

Each Assistant governor meets with their Clubs at least 4 times per year in an official capacity and they often attend Club Holiday Parties as well as Club Changing of the Guard events. AG’s are also responsible for introducing the District governor during their official visit.

Assistant governors are the vital link to information and resources between their Clubs, the District and Rotary International. They are an integral part of the district leadership team, which also includes the District governor and district committee members.  Assistant governors usually serve on numerous district committees and meet on a fairly regular basis.

Assistant governors help Rotary Clubs with leadership succession plans, foundation questions and numerous issues in the 5 avenues of service during their 3 year term. Their multi-Club view of Rotary enables them to cross polinate the best ideas between Clubs as well as helping Clubs to head off potential problems based on their ‘lessons learned’.

Last night the Assistant governors met at the Graduate Club in New Haven to discuss:

Ed Davies, Assistant Governor Coordinator, arranges for the monthly AG meetings and the facilities and somehow manages to keep our group somewhat on topic.

I always like to say that being an Assistant governor is the 2nd best job in Rotary, right behind being Club President.

Having served as a Rotary Club President is a prerequisite to becoming Assistant governor.

Interested in communicating with any of our Assistant governors? Then you can email them from this page

Interested in becoming an Assistant governor in the future? Then let us know.

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