Seeking nominations for 2016-17 District Governor

DG PinThe District 7980 Nominating Committee is seeking qualified candidates who are interested in become District Governor July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017.

A Rotary District Governor is an officer of Rotary International (RI) and represents the RI board of directors in the field while leading his/her respective Rotary district. Each governor is nominated by the clubs of his/her district, and elected by all the clubs meeting in the annual RI Convention held in a different country each year.

How are District Governors Selected?

First off it is important to have the support and backing of your Rotary Club as they will have to help you plan and execute events when you are a District Governor Elect (DGE) and a District Governor (DG). It is equally important that your Rotary Club put together a financial war chest to cover unreimbursed out of pocket expenses.

With the support of your Rotary Club behind you then you would complete this application: DGN Data Form 8-12_EN  and submit it to: Colin Gershon and Julianne Reppenhagen on or before January 31, 2014.

All qualified candidates, along with their spouses/partners would be invited to meet with the Nominating Committee on in the evening February 20, 2014 at the Graduate Club in New Haven. The District Governor will notify the final candidate on February 21, 2014.

So what does a District Governor do?

  • Visits all clubs in the District in an official capacity at least once
  • Strengthens clubs, organizes new clubs, and grows membership
  • Encourages support for The Rotary Foundation
  • Promotes positive public image and serves as spokesperson for district
  • Develops a safe environment for youth participants
  • Conducts district conference and other meetings
  • Supervises district nominations and elections
  • Prepares budget, provides annual report and helps administer District Designated Funds
  • Completes online district qualification
  • Works with governor-elect and other district leaders

Qualifications of District Governor Nominee Designee (DGND)

At the time of selection, a District Governor Nominee Designee must:

  1. Be a member in good standing of a functioning club in the district (RIB 15.070.1.)
  2. Have full qualifications for membership in the strict application of the club membership provisions, and the integrity of the Rotarian’s classification must be without question (RIB 15.070.2.)
  3. Have served as president of a club for a full term or be a charter president of a club having served the full term from the date of the charter to 30 June, provided that this period is for at least six months (RIB 15.070.3.)
  4. Demonstrate willingness, commitment, and ability, physically and otherwise, to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the office of governor as provided in RI Bylaws section 15.090. (RIB 15.070.4.)
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of the qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of governor as prescribed in the RI Bylaws, and submit to RI, through its general secretary, a signed statement acknowledging a clear understanding of them. This statement shall also confirm that the Rotarian is qualified for the office of governor and willing and able to assume the duties and responsibilities of the office and to perform them faithfully. (RIB15.070.5.)

A governor, at the time of taking office, must have completed seven years of membership in one or more clubs and have attended the governors-elect training seminar (GETS) and International Assembly (IA).

What happens if I am selected as the final candidate?

The final candidate selected by the Nominating Committee begins their training progression towards becoming District Governor after they are confirmed starting with the title of District Governor Nominee Designee (DGND) – see below.

DG Training Progression

Interested in becoming District Governor but still have questions? Then send an email by clicking here

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