East Haven Rotary Club launches ‘Clothe Our Children’ for the 14th year

East Haven Rotarian Jeri Ripkin (photo by Jack Karmer / The Courier)

The East Haven Rotary Club has just launched their annual ‘Clothe Our Children’ program in cooperation with Kohl’s in Branford under Chairwoman Jeri Ripkin’s expert leadership. The Club works with school nurses and teachers in the town to select the families with the greatest need and then has the selected families bring their children to Kohl’s to select new winter clothes. This year the Club expects to provide clothes for 99 Children at a cost of up to $100 each.

The East Haven Rotary Club covers the cost of this program from the proceeds of their fundraisers. President Bob Parente has indicated that all of the proceeds will be coming from funds raised at the district’s schools this year (Kids helping Kids).

The Club has provided over $77K worth of clothing to over 700 children over past 13 years.

Here is a link to an article in the New Haven Register about the program <click here> and another good article that features Chair Jeri on Zip06 by Jack Kramer <click here>

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