Comedy night at the Groton Rotary Club

The Groton Rotary Club knows how to have fun while doing good. Last night they held a comedy night event at Par 4 Restaurant in Groton, CT that was attended by over 60 people and raised several thousand dollars for the projects they care deeply about.

The event featured 4 Comedians, an Emcee, an open buffet, a raffle and just enough liquid courage to get the crowd primed up for a good time. The nice thing about this fundraiser is that it was attended by a nice mix of Rotarians and NonRotarians (they would be everyone else).

The Club did an excellent job with this event, 1/2 the fun was watching Miss Kitty (Gerry Tom) laughing so hard. Put this one your Rotary Bucket List for next year as this one isn’t too be  missed.

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