District 7980 Significant Club Achievement Awards Receive Major Overhaul

Sample Club Achievment Recognition

Sample Club Achievment Recognition

Now for something completely different…..Rotary Clubs will be recognized for the goals that they achieve and the amazing things that they do WITHOUT having to self-nominate themselves.

It’s 2014 and the District 7980 Leadership Team has come up with a progressive streamlined process that is aligned with the 4-Way test for recognizing the good works done by our Rotary Clubs.

In the past our Clubs had to submit 3 page proposals (self-nominations) in each Avenue of Service to be considered for awards. The process was so burdensome and subjective that only about 15% of our Clubs participated on a regular basis.

Now the playing field has been leveled as all Clubs, regardless of the number of members that they have or the depth of their pockets, have exactly the same opportunity to receive public recognition as long as they have met or exceeded their stated goals.

How it works: 

Each of our 61 Rotary Clubs will be evaluated by their Assistant Governors (AG) to determine if their Clubs have met or exceeded their goals in the Avenues of Service and The Rotary Foundation since July 1, 2013. AG’s will review all Club data points available to them on their Clubs such as:

  • The DG’s Blog postings
  • The Mid-year Survey that the President’s took
  • Reports from Rotary International
  • Club generated public relations such as newsletters, social media, websites and publicity received
  • One-on-one meetings with their Club Presidents
AG’s must submit via email by 3/15/14

AG’s must submit via email by 3/15/14

AG’s will then submit the goals and a photo (or two) for each of their qualifying Clubs to the District Governor no later than March 15th. 

Qualifying Clubs will be recognized in a very public way in front of record crowds during the District Conference and District Assembly in Groton, CT May 2-4th.

But wait there is more…..

These recognitions will be similar in format to the sample at the top of the page and will be featured as posters (2.5′ x 3.5′) in the House of Friendship during the District Conference and via video throughout the entire Conference. Club representatives attending the Conference will be presented with the poster-sized recognition to bring back to their Club at the conclusion of the Conference.

And as if that weren’t enough, still more….

Qualifying Clubs will receive electronic versions of these recognitions which are suitable for framing (8.5″ x 11″) and displaying in prominent places; a very nice perk for the all of the Rotarians who make success possible.

Could there possibly be more? Absolutely…..

Qualifying Clubs will also receive electronic versions of their recognitions which can be posted on their websites, Facebook pages or in any digital venue.

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