Zone 32 “Millon Dollar” Dinner – Monday May 12, 2014 in NYC

One Million Dollar Dinner

One Million Dollar Dinner

This is one of the richest Rotary Chicken Dinners that one could ever hope to feast upon.

The “Million Dollar Dinner” is a joint effort by Districts 7210, 7230,  7255 from New York and D7980 (us from Sunny Southern Connecticut). PDG Mac Leask has been working very diligently on this event for nearly a year.

PDG Mac Leask

PDG Mac Leask

The goal of The “Million Dollar Dinner” is to raise a minimum of One Million Dollars of new outright gifts, pledges or bequests for programs of The Rotary Foundation during the campaign period of; July 1, 2013, to April 15, 2014 with minimum donations of $10,000 USD from each donor.

Barry, Pam, Ron and Jetta

Barry, Pam, Ron and Jetta

The “Million Dollar Dinner” originated in Rotary District 5110 (Oregon) around 2004. The concept is very simply, but has proved to be quite successful as it continues to spread from district to district. Previous dinners have raised from $1.6 to $4.2 Million in new gifts/commitments. Our own New London Rotarians Barry Levinson and PDG Pam Aikins just attended the Zone 34 Dinner in Sarasota, FL.

Please join Alan Hurst, Mac & Phoebe Leask, Ernie & Nick Luise, Jennifer and me in NYC as we work to secure Rotary’s programs and making the world a better place for generations by considering a Million Dollar Dinner qualifying gift or purchasing a ticket before April 15, 2014.

As of this month, Rotarians  in our 4 districts have already contributed almost $925,000 towards this campaign.

More Information:

Zone 32 Million Dollar Contact Info

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  1. Hi Rick,

    Just as an FYI, Nick and I are attending as guests. It should be a very nice event.

    As another FYI, we are in Florida and once again dodged the weather bullet.

    Be safe.


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