Rotary Membership is Climbing

RI President Ron Burton - Engage Rotarians and Change Lives

RI President Ron Burton Engage Rotarians, Change Lives

Rotary International President Ron Burton has made turning the decline of Worldwide membership a top priority for this year by cleverly emphasizing the need for Rotarian Engagement and it seems to be working as after dropping to a low of under 1.18M members at the end of last year, RI has climbed up over the 1.2M mark once again.

Our 62 Rotary Club Presidents in D7980 have also been working hard to engage their existing Rotarians while adding quality new members to their Clubs and their efforts seem to be paying off as well.

Our March Membership report from Rotary International shows that our membership is growing both in our District (+ 36) and Worldwide (+28,977) since July 1st through March 31, 2014.

Membership report from RI through 3/31/14

Membership report from RI through 3/31/14

Just this past week several of our Clubs added new members.

Quality membership of ample size is the key to having Vibrant Rotary Clubs that allow us to support local community needs and do the projects that we care about around the world.

Rotary Leaders everywhere may have finally been jolted into action by the wake call of dipping below 1.2M members for the first time in over 20 years. Let’s keep it moving in a positive direction. Well Done.

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