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There is no reason that business can’t be transacted poolside as technology is the great ‘place shifter’.

This Blog has been home to well over 400 Rotary related posts over the past few years. While it has enjoyed a rich and an extremely large global readership as a Rotary Portal of sorts, it’s time to reboot it with an entirely new focus: Small Business Entrepreneurship with an emphasis on technology challenges and opportunities.

One of the challenges that a college professor wrestles with is determining exactly what their research focus / agenda is going to be as it largely defines their academic career. While some professors are able to narrow down a research focus very early on, others vacillate for years before settling into an area that suits their unique qualifications and interest level, unfortunately I fall into the later camp.

For nearly the past 15 years I’ve done research and/or published papers on Cybersecurity, Outsourcing, Databases, Social Media Mining, Sustainable ERP, Project Management, Cloud Computing and Infrastructure hoping that a thread amongst them would emerge as a single theme. Finally the preverbal lightbulb has lit up with the focus of: Technology challenges and opportunities  Small Business Entrepreneurs face.

It’s surprising that it took this long to narrow down this research focus as I have over 3 decades of first hand experience as a successful Small Business Entrepreneur running several companies and working directly with nearly 1,000 other Small Business Entrepreneurs but sometimes you just can’t see the hand in front of your face until it slaps you hard enough.

Rick Bassett
Associate Professor & Dept Chair
Management / Mgmt Information Systems / Int Business Dept
Southern CT State University

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