John Mack, The Entrepreneur who brought us everything

gold_bulldogJohn Mack (born Oct 27, 1864) can probably be credited, more than anyone else, with providing virtually everything that moves between manufactures, merchants, warehouses, retail outlets and homes.

He was an inventor and a manufacturer who co-founded the Mack Brothers Company, which manufactured heavy duty trucks from 1900 in New York City. A company that would later be known as Mack Trucks Inc.

His first mover company developed buses, the first Hook & Ladder and commercial trucks. John was inspired by Orville and Wilbur Wright, Willis Carrier and Henry Ford’s inventions, into producing heavy duty trucks and engines. 

John invented the Mack “Bulldog” type engine. The bulldog remains the present company’s icon and part of its logo and certainly the best hood ornament ever.

Interestingly enough, while in his teens and 20’s John worked on the railroad as a teamster. The teamsters later became a significant force in trucking. Is it possible that one man developing the disruptive commercial trucking industry is also responsible for bringing the teamsters into that industry? If so then John Mack might be a serial disrupter.


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