Bridgeport Rotary issues Gift of Life Challenge to all D7980 Rotary Clubs

PRIVP Abe Gordon of the Bridgeport Rotary Club has announced that his Club has raised $6,000 to save the life of another child in need of heart surgery, as the Newtown Rotary Club did last month.

In early January we reported that the Newtown Rotary Club is giving the Gift of Life to a 3.5 year old girl, named Gensis, from Belize  who has serious heart disease and required a specialized operation that wasn’t obtainable in her country. The Newtown Connecticut Rotary Club and the Gift of Life group worked out an arrangement with The Children’s Hospital to get the operation and the care that she needed for a donation of $6,000 by the Newtown Rotary Club, which was a modest amount in comparison to the normal ‘rack rate’ of such specialized care.

Bridgeport Rotary, like Newtown Rotary, is doing this program with the assistance of Gift of Life International.

Abe Gordon is hoping that other Rotary Clubs will be willing raise funds for an additional 18 open heart surgeries. Please see his letter to D7980 Rotarians below:

Abe Gordon Gift of Life Challenge Letter

Abe Gordon Gift of Life Challenge Letter

Abe would love the opportunity to discuss this challenge, please feel free to contact Abe via telephone (his numbers are in the letter)