Creative Polio Fundraising Tip

Polio Fundraising Tip by: Amy Luckiewicz

Polio Fundraising Tip by: Amy Luckiewicz – District 7930

Polio fundraising tip: Make fun props to explain how far a donation goes! By recycling 12 cans, you can save 3 lives from polio ($0.05 redemption x 12=$0.60. One vaccine costs $0.60, plus $1.20 in Gates Match = 3 vaccines!)

Creativity by: Amy Luckiewicz of the Wakefield MA Rotary Club.

Wallingford Rotary donates $1,069 to PolioPlus

AG Tari Marshall-Day attended Area 9’s Wallingford Rotary Club and in an animated fellowship meeting a check for the Rotary Foundation for $1,069 from their Purple Pinkie collections in the Community was presented.  This will be headed off to the Foundation and adds to the exciting POLIO PLUS match for District 7980.  Tari congratulates the Club on their efforts!

The meeting also included an information packed session from Lt. Paul Vance of the CT State Police.  Lt. Vance talked about safety of the home as we head into the spring and supper seasons and also the new focus the Police have on tailgating as a key cause of accidents.

Text and photos submitted by: AG Tari Marshall-Day 

$10,000 D7980 PolioPlus Challenge – Let’s End Polio Now

"The Rick's" kickoff the PolioPlus Match Program

“The Rick’s” kickoff the PolioPlus Match Program

The Rick’s (Benson & Bassett) announced the kickoff of a special PolioPlus Contribution Matching Program at the Coromandel Indian Restaurant in Southport yesterday. 

As a show of support for PolioPlus, our Foundation Executive Board has authorized the use of a minimum of $10,000 in funds (and perhaps more if they are available) from our Global DDF to match any PolioPlus donation made by D7980 Rotarians between February 23rd to May 3rd.

D7980 knows that we are "This Close"

D7980 Rotarians know that we are “This Close” to eradicating Polio

In addition to the D7980 match, the Gates Foundation and the Rotary World Fund are also providing additional matchs.

Between District 7980 and the Gates Foundation matches:

  • $1 donation to PolioPlus turns into $7.50
  • $100 donation to PolioPlus turns into $750
  • $1,000 to PolioPlus turns into $7,500
Dennis Wong championed the Polio Free India Special Celebration yesterday

Dennis Wong championed the Polio Free India Special Celebration yesterday

It is very unusual to have such large matching programs and I encourage everyone who supports our global efforts to End Polio to take advantage of the power of these extremely generous matches.

Our goal is to turn our $10,000 in seed money into at least $75,000 of PolioPlus donations before May 3rd.

This program is being released to commemorate Rotary’s 109th Birthday and to celebrate the recent success of India being declared Polio Free based on many years of hardwork and dedication by Rotarians all over the world.

Rupi & Mukund - "This Close"

PDG Rupi & DGE Mukund – “We are This Close”

Jennifer and I have kicked off the program by committing to contribute $500 to PolioPlus. Please join us in helping to eradicate Polio from the remaining 3 countries by supporting this special PolioPlus Match Opportunity.

Want to contribute online? Simply sign it at “My Rotary“.