2013-14 Rotary International Theme announced today

Engage Rotary - Save Lives

Engage Rotary – Save Lives

The 2013-14 Rotary International theme was announced today by RI President Elect Ron Burton at the International Assembly in San Diego. PE Burton urges every Rotarian to get involved, to get engaged, and to change lives.

He unveiled the RI theme during the opening plenary session of the 2013 International Assembly in San Diego, California, USA, the annual training event for incoming district governors.

“If we really want to take Rotary service forward, then we must make sure that every single Rotarian has the same feeling about Rotary that each one of us here has today,” Burton said. “We need to make sure that every Rotarian has a meaningful role to play, that they’re all making a contribution, and that their contribution is valued.”

How will you change lives by engaging Rotary?

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