D7980 Pre-PETS Followup Materials

Rotary Pre-PETS at Connecticut College on 1/24/13

Rotary Pre-PETS at Connecticut College on 1/24/13

Despite the bitter cold temperatures both Pre-PETS meetings at Fairfield University and Connecticut College were well very attended with a combined attendance of approximately 85 Rotarians. The new 3 hour format gave us just enough time to cover all of key preparation items for NE PETS.

Both events wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of many people including several who deserve special thanks including: Chris Johnson and Tracy Reiser who arranged for the meeting facilities and the great dinners. Steve Cooper who took the photos. Bernadette Casella, Guy Casella, Dave Marchesseault and Jianny Keegan from North Haven Rotary. Paul Mangels from Milford Rotary for arranging for the Business Cards and to all of our presenters; DG Amey, PDG Reppenhagen, PDG Benson, DGE Nori and AG Johnson.

As promised we are making all of the materials available in digital format for your reference.

Thank You for taking the time to be with us,

Rick Bassett, District Governor Elect

Mobile: 203-584-SCSU
Website: www.rickbassett.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/rick.bassett.ct
Twitter: @rick_bassett
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/rbassett/

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