Brian Falkowski becomes President of the Norwalk Rotary Club

President-elect Chris Cooke was the master of ceremonies for the concise and well organized program in which Brian Falkowski was sworn in as President of the Norwalk Rotary Club last night in front of a very large crowd at Cafe Madrid. Outgoing Club President, Laima Nori, was congratulated on her excellent work as President and received a rousing round of applause from the club members.

Brian is exited about his new role and well prepared for the challenges ahead.  Brian and Chris have made membership one of their top priorities and plan to work with their officers and board to grow the club.

The Norwalk  Rotary Club has returned to the Norwalk Oyster Festival with a food booth and plans to enhance it this year by ‘Raising the Burger Bar’. Be sure to visit the festival and buy a burger or two from them to support their good work.

Photos provided by: Lamia Nori

D7980 Digital Directory has been published

Digital District Directory

We are happy to release the first version of the Digital District Directory today as a password protected PDF file. This directory is in 8.5″x11″ format with many color photos. It is ideal for viewing on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

The directory is available to all D7980 Rotarians, the password can be obtained from any Rotary club president in D7980.

The majority of the contents of the new directory came directly from the DaCdb database. Our plan is to release 4 versions throughout the year which include member, club & district changes/updates.

While we aren’t planning on printing the directory; there are two options for those who must have a printed version:

  • You can print it yourself as it is a PDF
  • You can order a printed copy for a $15 donation to TRF (ordering info will be available after the initial release)

Rick Bassett, District Governor 2013-14

Woodbridge Rotary Installation 0n 6-14-13

New Woodbridge officers for 2013-2014

New Woodbridge officers for 2013-2014

Steven Katz (L), Bill DeRosa (R)

Steven Katz (L), Bill DeRosa (R)

On 06-14-2013 The Woodbridge CT Rotary Club swore in Co-Presidents, inducted a new member and awarded their first Business of the Year Award.

David Joel and Mary Ellen LaRocca planned a wonderful annual dinner at Carmine’s.

The club awarded it’s first Business of the Year Award which was presented by Bill DeRosa to Steven Katz, owner of Katz’s Deli.

Chris Lovejoy was inducted as the newest Woodbridge Rotarian by DG Brian Amey.

New officers for 2013-2014 were sworn in by DGE Rick Bassett:

Co-Presidents:  Carol Yingling and Buddy DeGennaro
Past President:  Anna Dickerson
Secretary:  Jan Day
Treasurer:  Ed Maloney
Sargent at Arms:  Dave Joel
Board of Directors: Robyn Reilly
Absent Directors will be sworn in at meetings: Dan Weintraub, Guy Stella, Andy Skolnick, Matthew Cummings, Tom Shernow

Woodbridge had a great year under Anna Dickerson’s Presidency, their club grew by 6 members!!

Westport Sunrise Visit on 06-07-2013

President Steve Violette showing the recent press

President Steve Violette showing the recent press

The Great Duck Race is coming on 6/22/13

The Great Duck Race is coming on 6/22/13

I had the pleasure of visiting the Westport Sunrise Rotary Club (WSR) this morning for their breakfast meeting. Not only did I experience a welcome fellowship from all of their members but they bestowed many yellow ducks and a yellow duck carrying bag on me (photo).

The WSR is a very active club and well organized club that is growing their membership in leaps and bounds and doing amazing things in the community and the world.

The club has had a great year under President Steve Violette’s leadership. They are currently getting ready for their major fundraiser; The Great Duck Race on June 22nd.

WSR plans to celebrate their 25th anniversary this coming year during incoming President Bob Galan’s term.

WSR has many of it’s members involved in key D7980 leadership positions for many years.

Looking for a great place to make-up? Then do so on Friday mornings at Bobby Q’s BBQ & Grill 42 Main Street, Westport, CT  06880

District Governor Bassett’s 2013-14 Club Visit Schedule

Map of Rotary D7980 Clubs

Map of Rotary D7980 Clubs

The plan is to visit all 61 D7980 clubs from 7/30/13 to 10/23/13. This is where the Rotary Chicken meets the road.

The purpose of the Governor’s visit is to address the club regarding Rotary International and the district’s goals, objectives, and issues that are important to the club and its membership.

Members are encouraged to invite their spouses/partners to attend this meeting.

Here is my District Governor Official Club Visitation schedule for the 2013-14 year.

You will also see that the schedule has been posted in our district database (DaCdb).

Email me with questions.

Thank You,

Rick Bassett