Wallingford Rotary honors 16 members for 25+ years of service

The Wallingford CT Rotary club held a special recognition ceremony today in place of their regular weekly meeting to recognize 16 of their Rotarians which have over 25 years of service with the club. Membership Chairman Michele McHugh and her team did a great job in putting together this very special event which included: family members of the honorees, trophies, proclamations from the the Mayor and from the CT State Legislators and a special meal. President David Juliano convened the event and gave honorees the opportunity to speak about their unique experiences as Wallingford Rotarians. Congratulatory remarks were also provided by DG Brian Amey and AG Mukund Nori. The honorees include:

  • Robert B. Bailey
  • Thomas A. Collette
  • Beverly J. Damen
  • Rosalind F. Gallagher
  • Robert G. Gattilia
  • Mark R. Gingras
  • Henry B. Hofbauer
  • Ellen A. Mandes PDG
  • John E. Mattingly Jr.
  • Jack M. McGuire
  • Alan J. Moses
  • Kenneth  Sause
  • Fred C. Ulbrich Jr.
  • William F. Wadsworth
  • Robin D. Wilson
  • Terry C. Wooding

On personal note; it was a pleasure attending this event as I have gotten to know many Wallingford Rotarians over the years and was able to relate to the stories being told by the honorees.

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