Rotary D7980 Response to the Moore Oklahoma Disaster

Moore Oklahoma tornado

Moore Oklahoma tornado

Fellow Club President,

In the next few days, we need to take the time to hug our families and realize how blessed we are.  It is the goal of District 7980, under the direction of DG Brian Amey and DGE Rick Bassett, to create a fund to aid Rotary District 5770 in Oklahoma.  As leaders of your club, begin a plan to help build this fund with money from Happy/Sad collections, reach out into your community to other civic groups and ask them to join you in this effort, earmark a portion of your future fundraisers to be donated to this district fund.

This must be an effort that includes all clubs in District 7980.  Let us spend the next several months working together for one goal…to do all we can for our fellow Rotarians and their families in Oklahoma.  Let’s share our ideas and goals to make this a unified project and one that will make a difference”.

This may or may not be what you wanted to include.  I think we need to release a statement to the clubs as soon as we can.  I will begin tomorrow night by doing a special Happy/Sad collection.  I have some other ideas for the next few meetings.  It will be important to engage the new Presidents also.  A group effort by Brian’s presidents and your presidents can be very powerful.

I will be looking forward to hearing from you!

Barbara Moore
President, East Hampton Rotary Club
Rotary District 7980

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