Middletown Rotary Club drop-in visit 07-16-2013

2013-14 President Garry Mullaney

2013-14 President Garry Mullaney

I had the pleasure of visiting the Middletown Rotary Club for lunch today and watching President Garry Mullaney in action as he did a great job conducting a Club Assembly meeting. The club seems to be off to a great start as we kick off the new Rotary year.

Middletown has approximately 65 members and meets for lunch at the First & Last Tavern on Main Street in a private meeting room. They have a very nice room setup with a good number of members attending their meetings and they are always looking for quality programs/speakers.

Many of the members share the name Pat, so it was a tad bit confusing during introductions. I ran into Howard Schachter, who is an old High School Classmate of mine and PAG Ken Vaughan. It was nice to see both of them and receive such warm hospitality from all of the club members. I am looking forward to returning for my Official visit on 10/15.

In the meantime if you are looking for a great place to make-up…try the Middletown Rotary Club on Tuesday afternoons for lunch.

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