Official Visit #8 – Devon Rotary Club

President Jason Jenkins

President Jason Jenkins

The Devon Rotary Club is made up of a membership of about 55 ‘Early Riser’ Rotarians that meet at the Bridge House on Wednesday mornings. The club was established in 1966 and is a model for what Rotary International uses as a ‘Vibrant Club’.

The village of Devon is a neighborhood of the city of Milford, Connecticut. It lies on the southwest corner of the city bordering Long Island Sound and the mouth of the Housatonic River. (Source)

It is evident that fellowship is at the core of what this club is all about as I experienced first hand during their ‘happy/sad’ fine session this morning.

The Devon Rotary club is very successful financially in part to their two annual major fundraisers; The Harley Davidson Raffle and The Octoberfest event.

The club just passed the $1 million mark in gifts to the community (read more here) as they generously support; Literacy Center of Milford, Beth El Shelter, Boys and Girls Club and Bridges Mentoring program to name just a few. They also award about $20,000 per year in scholarships to Milford students from their club foundation.

Devon Rotary is also an active participant in The Rotary Foundation (TRF) by striving for $100 EREY gifts to the foundation while running District Managed Grant and Global Grant projects with foundation funds.

Drop in on the Devon Rotary club for breakfast on Wednesday mornings at the Bridge House Restaurant – 49 Bridgeport Ave., Milford, CT.

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