Official Visit #24 – Wilton Rotary Club

It is always a pleasure visiting the Wilton Rotary Club as they are a friendly group of hardworking Rotarians that meet at a great venue, are well organized with meetings are always fun to around.

The Wilton Rotary Club is a very active mid-sized club with 37 members which does a considerable amount of projects in their community and supports important causes internationally including:

Wilton Projects

The Club has a pretty good handle on communications; especially with their website, which is clean and informative and features all critical information about the club front and center. They also publish an informative weekly newsletter called the Drummer which keeps members informed of club activities including their calendar of events. All issues of the Drummer are available on their website.

The annual upcoming Carnival is one of the Wilton Rotary’s main fund raising activities. It will be held near the Wilton High School tennis courts on Route 7 from Sept 20 through the 22nd.

President Paul Burnham has started a weekly fellowship called Monday at Marly’s where a group of members and friends are welcome to join him for some relaxing conversation, drinks and dinner. Marly’s in Wilton is where the club meets on Friday’s for their lunch meeting. Lunch meetings always have a definite ending time but not so fellowships on Monday’s.

Join President Paul for either a fellowship on Monday nights or at their regular meeting on a Friday for lunch at Marly’s in Wilton.

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