East Haddam Rotary Club – Drop-in Visit on 09-13-2013

The East Haddam Rotary Club is a small club with a giant heart. With just 10 members they accomplish things that clubs with triple the membership struggle with, even still they wish to grow their membership. They are open, welcome and friendly and care deeply about supporting their community.

I was reading the club’s Facebook page a few weeks ago and noticed a post about The Governor dropping in on the club but I knew that I hadn’t been there. Upon reading on, it was my Boss Governor Malloy.

Some of the things that the East Haddam Club does:

  • Annual Car Raffle
  • Run an Ice Skating Park
  • Conduct a Rotary Essay Contest at NHRMS
  • Annual Dictionary Project
  • Liberty Bank Food Drive
  • Thanksgiving Meals at East Haddam Food Bank
The East Haddam Rotary Club meets on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays each month at the Gelston House. I’m looking forward to closely working with the club in helping them meet their goals. I’ll be back in a few weeks for the Official visit. In the meantime we are trying to work out a Club Visioning Session for them in October.

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