Official Visit #33 – Danbury Rotary Club Inducts 2 new members

Daryle Dennis and Janice Perna-Nicholasare inducted into the Club

Daryle Dennis (center right) and Janice Perna-Nicholas (center left) are inducted into the Club with their sponsors standing by their sides

Daryle Dennis (Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at  Western Connecticut State University) and Janice Perna-Nicholas (manager of  the Ethan Allen Hotel) were inducted as the newest members of Rotary today during the official visit.

The Danbury Rotary Club has been in existence since 1926 and currently (as of 2 hours ago) has 33 members.

The club is famously recognized for it’s generous  scholarships to students that attend Western Connecticut State University or Henry Abbott Technical High School.  Scholarships are given from the club’s foundation which earns money from the club’s annual car raffle.

The Danbury Rotary Club is also one the district leaders in the Amber Alert ID program. They tirelessly run many sessions and participate in the BIG E ID drive each year.

President Mark and his board have 3 goals for the club this year:

  1. Increase membership
  2. Launch a new major fundraiser
  3. Increase attendance at the weekly meetings

The Danbury Rotary Club is home to Paula Greenberg and Ralph Welsh who both serve on the District Public Relations committee. Besides being the Beacon Editor Ralph is also the Editor of The Spoke, the club’s weekly newsletter.

The Danbury Rotary Club meets at the Ethan Allen Inn @ 21 Lake Avenue Extension, Danbury, CT on Wednesday’s for lunch. It is a beautiful facility with a great meal along with warm and inviting Rotarians. Be sure to wear your Rotary pin to the meeting or be prepared to pay a fine.

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