Rotary fun(draisers) this weekend in our great little State….

We have many fantastic Rotary Club Fun(raisers) coming up in our great little State of Connecticut this weekend. Indoors or outdoors; whatever your pleasure there is something for everyone.

You can start the weekend with BBQ and Cigars, enjoy plenty of great Beer and Food at a pair of Ocktoberfests and conclude with fabulous homemade wine, international cuisine and flowers. No reason to cook this weekend!!!!

The Fall is a perfect time to enjoy all of the special events that many of our clubs are putting on this weekend.  Jennifer and/or I will do our best to make most of these events this weekend and we encourage all District 7980 Rotarians to come out to support these clubs and have a little fun along the way.

If I missed a club event then send it on over and I will update this post.

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