Official Visit #47 – Middletown Rotary Club (A Vibrant Club)

The Middletown Connecticut Rotary Club is an extremely active lunch Club with over 65 members that is being led by President Garry Mullaney (upper left) this year. President Garry must be having the time of his life as President with the group of  dedicated and friendly Rotarians in the Club.

The weekly meetings are lively and spirited with plenty of positive energy in the room. It is pretty obvious that members of this Club like being around each other. They do seem to have a disproportionate number of members with the name Pat for some reason.

Middletown Rotary - What we do

Middletown Rotary – What we do

This Club is engaged within their community and the world on many levels including:

  • Ongoing participation in the City of Middletown One Book Program
  • Recent participation in the following International Projects: Mexico Water, Children of the Andes, Ecuador Water and India Cataract
  • Polio Eradication support
  • Host an annual awards ceremony to recognize deserving community members that have demonstrated outstanding community service
  • Thanksgiving Food drive with Liberty Bank
  • Dictionary Project for 3rd Graders
  • Sponsoring (2) active Interact Clubs
  • Awarding Scholarships
Middletown Rotary - Who we are

Middletown Rotary – Who we are

Club members are long standing generous supporters of The Rotary Foundation and actively utilize the grants funding available in the Foundation for International Projects.

The Club has a solid ‘Go-forward’ leadership plan with Trish Witzky-Lambert actively serving as President-elect. Trish has developed and implemented a Mentoring Program for new members that is designed to increase retention.

Middletown Rotary also has a very good public facing messaging strategy with their up to date website and Facebook page, they publish an informative weekly newsletter and maintain a very easy to understand ‘What We Do’ card (above right) with the reverse side focused on membership ‘Who We Are” (left). The Club is also in the process of putting together a short promotional video.

The Club also gets the importance of fellowship. In Late August Gary & Pat Gomola hosted a Lobster fellowship at their home which was attended by over 70 people.

The Middletown Rotary Club meets at the  First & Last Tavern @ 220 Main Street in Middletown on Tuesdays for lunch. A visiting Rotarian really couldn’t go wrong doing a make-up at this Club.

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