Every Rental House is like a small 401(k)

Savings interest rates have been hovering around 1% for the past 10 – 12 years, while inflation has been exceeding 5% per year for the past two years. The stock market has had its ups and downs, some sectors have done well and others have gotten clobbered.

It’s difficult for most of us to figure out how to grow a nest egg without getting it being eaten up by inflation, devaluated by the sudden whims of the stock market, and erosion by the numerous fees on investments vehicles.

After the great recession (circa 2008) our company started going all-in on Rental Houses, buy-fix-hold-rent, in particular, is our flavor of choice but we will also do buy-hold-rent of turnkey properties if the numbers make sense.

We’ve come to look at each rental property like a small 401(k) retirement saving account. Of course, rental houses aren’t actual 401(k)’s but when acquired and managed properly they can provide significant long-term savings benefits such as appreciation, monthly cash-flow, cash-out ability as well as several short-term and long-term tax advantages.

There are at least 5 potential areas to profit from with a rental house investment:

  • Appreciation – the increase in value of the home over time
  • Monthly Cash Flow – the amount of money left over each month, or each year after paying all expenses such as mortgage, taxes, insurance, property management, repairs..etc.
  • Cash Out Ability – the equity over 30% of market value in a rental property can be unlocked/withdrawn in certain conditions by refinancing.
  • Annual Tax Savings –  being able to claim legitimate business expenses against the property, taking generous depreciation deductions, and extending the SALT (State and Local Tax) deduction limit are some of the most popular tax savings methods available to Real Estate investors.
  • Long-Term Tax Savings – capital gains treatment, 1031 exchanges, and tax-deferred retirements accounts are some of the long-term tax savings vehicles available to real estate investors.

Not all properties will always realize all of these potential benefits as real estate investors often have different wealth-building objectives and tax situations. It’s always helpful to seek the advice of attorneys and accountants who are well versed in real estate investing before taking the plunge.

One of the things that tend to hold would-be investors back is Fear of Tenants, as there is no shortage of bad tenant stories. Attracting, selecting, and retaining quality tenants, providing and enforcing a strong lease, and dealing with repairs on a timely basis are key to operating a successful rental property.

Bassett Property Management takes the stress out of the day-to-day tenant side of the business by providing management services to their clients. Visit our website at to learn more.

Get Ready for Extreme Fun at the District Conference starting Friday

Trish Pearson, Conference Chair

Trish Pearson, Conference Chair

Dear Conference Attendees,

I hope you are as excited as I am about the wonderful upcoming weekend we have planned for the 2014 District Conference.  We have a record number of Rotarians and partners registered for all or part of the Conference activities which is an automatic ingredient for a great time – the more Rotarians the better right?

The following are some tips on how you might want to prepare for the various festivities the Conference Committee has planned.  NOTE – should share this list with anyone who might be accompanying you as their participation is welcome in any or all of the events described below.

1. BYOB – Bring Your Own Banner!  If your club has a special banner, have someone bring it along and join in the fun as we compare designs, ideas and message.  While this is billed as a “contest” it is really about sharing club’s creative ideas.

2. Beach clean-up at Ocean Beach State Park – We will provide disposable gloves and trash bags.  There will also be a place to change for those going to the Paul Harris Lunch.  Note – there will be some painting involved, so dress accordingly.

0288 2 BritishmaniaPepperEdited3. Friday Night – First stop on the Magical Mystery Tour This is a Beatle’s themed evening, so dig out your bell bottom pants, go go boots, peace signs and nehru shirts. Also, wear your dancing shoes as we rock to the music of The British Invasion.  Do you remember the 60’s or is it a purple haze?

4. Saturday Night – Begins with a Kentucky Derby Party during the cocktail reception. This will include a Hat Contest and there will be an opportunity to “bet” on your favorite horse. Bring your own hat or borrow one from our props table.Yellow Tux

5. Saturday night gala is dressy so, find that little black dress or your tux or best suit and join in the BIG celebration of our Rotary year.

Singers6. CALLING ALL SINGERS!!!  There will be plenty of opportunity to sing throughout the weekend and we need enthusiastic voices to lead it.  Rehearsals are scheduled throughout the weekend and it’s amazing what this group will prepare in 48 hours.  Everyone is welcome – Rotarians and guests.  Information will be posted at the Registration Desk re; Rehearsal times and location.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to travelling with you this weekend on the Magical Mystery Tour as we celebrate the Rotarians of District 7980!

Download the Conference Program Book by <clicking here>

Trish Pearson
Conference Chair


A record number of attendees are coming to District Conference / Assembly

Rotary Happens HereBeginning this Friday  D7980 Conference/Assembly attendees will enjoy the company and fellowship of over 425 Rotarians, family members, and young adults from Interact, Rotaract and Youth Exchange in a truly engaging and unique Rotary experience.

This extraordinary experience is made possible by the exceptional partnership between the current district leaders and next year’s leaders, especially DGE Mukund Nori. This is the very first time that Rotary District 7980 has combined the Conference and the Assembly into a single event and from all indications the approach is being very well received.

We kick off our event on Friday morning at Ocean Beach in New London with a Community Service beach project and then move to the main venue at the Mystic Marriott in Groton for a program hosted by the young adults of Youth Service (New Generations). All will enjoy a fun-filled evening on Friday featuring entertainment provided by BritishMania, the internationally acclaimed Beatles tribute band.

Conference program COVER FINALSaturday is all about our D7980 Rotary Clubs with high-energy programs and informative sessions that are designed to inspire all attendees. Lunch on Saturday will be attended by both Conference and Assembly participants who will be treated to the 4-Way Test Speech Contest before heading into the District Assembly. Saturday is also the day that we recognize the many outstanding Rotarians and Rotary Clubs for the good works that they do in their communities and around the world.

The event concludes on Sunday at noon after some very informative programs on The Rotary Foundation, the State of the District and we after conduct an election for the representative of the next Council On Legislation.

I am especially pleased that we were able to bring the District Conference back to Connecticut for the first time in almost 25 years and give so many of our Rotarians the opportunity to attend.

Download the Conference Program Book

Our schedule is set and is contained within the Conference Program Book that can be downloaded at:

What’s Next? 

Later today all registered attendees will receive a Registration Confirmation reminding them of what they registered for and which hotel that they will be staying in.

On Tuesday or Wednesday registered attendees will receive an email from either Trish Pearson or Mukund Nori giving them a run down of what to expect during the event.


Woodbridge Rotary Pours it on with Major League Wine Tasting

Just when you think the Woodbridge Rotary Club has hit a comfortable cruising groove, they kick it up a few notches. The Club ran a ‘major league’ Wine Tasting event this Thursday evening at the Woodbridge Club in Woodbridge Connecticut. The 200+ attendees enjoyed great homemake wines from area competing winemakers, fabulous food from area restaurants and deli’s, music and a large silent auction with a nice diversity of top notch items.

The event was attended and supported by Rotarians from Orange Rotary, Blackrock Rotary, North Haven Rotary, New Haven Rotary as well as from members of the Greater New Haven Rotaract Club.

The Woodbridge Club members did a tremendous job of planning and executing this first class event and have a lot to be proud of.

This is a Rotary Club that anyone could easily identify as vibrant. Just a few years ago this Club was virtually on life support with dwindling membership, poor attendance at meetings and finding it difficult to do meaningful service projects and fundraisers. All that has changed as the membership has been steadily growing with  younger, dedicated, caring, engaged and fun Rotarians; which has made all of the difference.


The Deep River Rotary Club drops the hammer in Antiques Auction

The Deep River Rotary Club held their annual Antiques Auction this past Saturday evening at the First Congregational Church in Deep River. The weather was perfect and the crowds were big; there were over 125 registered bidders including Rotarians from The Madison Rotary Club and The Chester Rotary Club.

The event featured amazing pieces at great prices – Wicker, Outdoor Furniture, Good Antique Furniture, Rugs, Lamps and (1) Nascar Racing Hood. Food and Drinks were provided by the Whistle Stop.