Official Visit #54 – Darien Rotary

The Darien Connecticut Rotary Club is a small but active Club that is just into the double digits with respect to membership.

President Martina Tucker

President Martina Tucker

Martina Tucker has been the President of record for the past 2 years but she may or may not actually exist; I’m not sure as I’ve never met or talked to her. I asked the members at today’s meeting if Martina was real or if they were using a photo from I was hoping that the Official Visit would lead to a meet-up between Martina and me but it wasn’t to be today, perhaps another day. (All of this is in good fun so don’t read more into it than there is).

Bob Chandler - 52 years perfect attendance

Bob Chandler – 52 years perfect attendance

This Club was chartered in 1961 and they still have one Charter Member; Robert ‘Bob’ Chandler. Bob has been a Rotarian for 52 years and wait for it…….he has 52 years of perfect attendance. Bob was inspired to become a Rotarian by his father, who was a Rotarian for 20 years.

The Darien Rotary Club supports the Darien Beautification Commission, Little League and youth hockey teams, the Junior Achievement Program at Darien High School,  awards scholarships to high school students and is active in the District’s Youth Exchange program.

Darien Rotary Afgan Toy Project

Afghan Children with donated toys (Photo: Darien Times)

The Darien Rotary members ran a toy collection for Afghan kids. which were sent to the Afghan Children’s Project which distributes them to children hospitalized for illnesses or injuries in Kabul. The last shipment in early April consisted of 10+ boxes.

The Darien Rotary Club has participated in other international projects including one that involved building modern toilets for a school near Nairobi, Kenya.

The Darien Rotary Club meets at the Goose @ 972 Boston Post Rd in Darien on Thursdays for lunch. It is a friendly group of Rotarians and a very nice lunch at a wonderful restaurant. I am looking forward to returning.

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