Official Visit #61 – Woodbridge Rotary Club

The official DG visits concluded yesterday with the 2nd visit to The Woodbridge Rotary Club. Some followers of this Blog may recall that an earlier official visit to Woodbridge Rotary Club occurred on 9/16 number #30.5.

The Woodbridge Rotary Club is the only club in our district with 2 Presidents (Carol Yingling and Buddy DeGennaro); actually co-presidents. Carol and Buddy are doing a great job as co-presidents as they have figured out how to split the duties in a way that is easy for everyone to understand.

Since the club has 2 Presidents they required 2 Official Visits; hence 1/2 for this visit and a 1/2 for the previous day. Our district has 61 clubs and it was fortuitous that this 30.5th visit put Woodbridge directly in the center of all of the Official DG Visits and the 61st visit put them at the end. (Of course they are great sports with this fuzzy math).

I’ve been visiting the Woodbridge Rotary Club for a good number of years, since I was an AG. This Club is an absolute success story how things can be turned around in relatively short order by keeping an open mind and by brining in several new dynamic members.

Over the past several years this Club has morphed into a group that gets amazing things done, has fun doing so, participates in District events and now has no trouble attracting quality new members. There is a level of energy and momentum that the community and its’ members want to be part of. It’s always a pleasure visiting the Woodbridge Rotary Club.

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