Montville Rotary Trivia Night – A fun fundraiser

The Montville Rotary Club turned out a full room at the VFW of nearly 300 players for their 2nd Trivia night this Rotary year. The members of the Montville Club did a great job keeping this fun event moving at a fast pace while having multiple activities happening at the same time in addition to the main event  such as; table decorating contest, 50/50, basket raffle, a cash bar and pizza delivery was even available.

The Trivia questions were challenging and engaging, it’s a good thing that we had Evan Evans at our table.

AG Gretchen Marvin led the Colchester Rotary Crew to the event and kindly invited Jennifer and me to join them. I am seeing a pattern starting to emerge with the Colchester Cub in that they do tend to be a club that is willing to travel to other Rotary events for a good party. I’ve been at 3 such joint events with them this year and know they’ve gone to at least 1 more. Good for them for being so supportive.


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