Ridgefield Rotary Serves up their 19th Annual Progressive Dinner

Each year for the past 19 years the Ridgefield Rotary Club has been running a Club Fellowship/Fundraiser knowns as the Progressive Dinner to benefit The Rotary Foundation. This year the event raised $3,500 which was presented in the form of a BIG CHECK for The Rotary Foundation.

The Progressive Dinner starts at one house, this year it was President Joe’s, for fellowship, cocktails and appetizers then the group  splits up and heads off to various host houses for unique dinners, Jennifer and I went to Cliff & Karen Heidinger’s house for a fabulous dinner and wine tasting, then the group comes back together again for desserts, coffee and after dinner drinks at Andy & Nina Bodner’s home.


The Progressive Dinner was started as a way for the Ridgefield Rotary Club to become more involved with the Rotary Foundation and it has served to do just that as it has raised well over $50,000 since its’ inception and created a hightened level of awareness about the good that the Foundation does around the world.

Ridgefield Rotarian Simon Cooper is a Foundation Area Rep that has been working with the district and the 5 Rotary Clubs in his area on the Foundation for a number of years. Cliff Heidinger has run the Progressive Dinner for the past 19 years, was recognized at the Foundation Dinner in November and remains one of the top Foundation Champions. The Ridgefield Rotary Club was awarded two district managed grants this year from the Foundation to do good in the world and all of the Ridgefield Rotarians generously support The Rotary Foundation.


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