D7980 Council of Presidents held in New Haven Yesterday

Rotary District 7980 Council of Presidents (CoP) was held at the Graduate Club in New Haven on Saturday Oct 18th by District Governor Mukund Nori and event Chair Ann Brignola.

The Council of Presidents program is designed for Rotary Club Presidents to interact with District Leaders and other Club Presidents on issues which may affect their clubs and to get exposed to creative ideas that are being deployed in other Rotary Clubs.

Agenda for the event covered the following topics:

  • District 7980 Updates
  • Membership Best Practices
  • Global Grants
  • District Grants
  • Boots On the Ground Program
  • Secrets to Club Presidency
  • Breakouts with Area Governors
  • Entering Club Goals on MyRotary
  • Using Club Runner

and a moving keynote talk by North Branford Rotarian Ed Pikaart on his experience in Kenya with the Peace Corps.

Other speakers included: Mukund Nori, Phoebe Leask, Lynda Hammond, Chip Marsh, Kim Navetta, Tony Riggio and yours truly.  While Rick Benson wasn’t in physical attendance, enough identity confusion still exists that many attendees thought he was there.

It was a good event with attendance a little on the light side as it is always a challenge getting people to attend to attend Saturday events when the weather is nice.


Ridgefield Rotary Serves up their 19th Annual Progressive Dinner

Each year for the past 19 years the Ridgefield Rotary Club has been running a Club Fellowship/Fundraiser knowns as the Progressive Dinner to benefit The Rotary Foundation. This year the event raised $3,500 which was presented in the form of a BIG CHECK for The Rotary Foundation.

The Progressive Dinner starts at one house, this year it was President Joe’s, for fellowship, cocktails and appetizers then the group  splits up and heads off to various host houses for unique dinners, Jennifer and I went to Cliff & Karen Heidinger’s house for a fabulous dinner and wine tasting, then the group comes back together again for desserts, coffee and after dinner drinks at Andy & Nina Bodner’s home.


The Progressive Dinner was started as a way for the Ridgefield Rotary Club to become more involved with the Rotary Foundation and it has served to do just that as it has raised well over $50,000 since its’ inception and created a hightened level of awareness about the good that the Foundation does around the world.

Ridgefield Rotarian Simon Cooper is a Foundation Area Rep that has been working with the district and the 5 Rotary Clubs in his area on the Foundation for a number of years. Cliff Heidinger has run the Progressive Dinner for the past 19 years, was recognized at the Foundation Dinner in November and remains one of the top Foundation Champions. The Ridgefield Rotary Club was awarded two district managed grants this year from the Foundation to do good in the world and all of the Ridgefield Rotarians generously support The Rotary Foundation.


Rotarians at Play (RaP) – This is how we roll in D7980

Do you think that the District Conference/Assembly at the Mystic Marriott (May 2nd – 4th) will be boring? Guess Again….Our cast of characters are pulling out all of the stops to make this combination District Conference / District Assembly the most memorable event in the history of our District. Besides the ‘Traditional Rotary’ programs this combination event will feature a steady stream of Engaging presentations, recognitions  and entertainment by ‘Real Life Rotarians’ as we Light up Rotary.

Rotarians at Play (RaP) – This is how we roll in D7980.

By combining the District Assembly with the District Conference and holding it right in our district, we are giving attendees the opportunity to attend a District Conference (or just part of it) at a very low cost.

This is the event that people will be talking about for years to come. If you missed out on Woodstock then this is your chance to attend something equally historic.

Click here for District Assembly Registration Form

Click here for the Full Conference Registration Form (which includes the District Assembly)

rotarychickenMore Early Bird: Even though we already have just about 170 people registered, our committee said to extend the ‘Early Bird’ discount to March 31st….so we shall. Take advantage of the lowest prices for the Conference / Assembly possible until then.

Select photos from 6 Rotary Club Holiday Parties this week in D7980

North Haven Rotary – On Saturday 12/14/2013 five other Rotary Clubs cancelled their parties but North Haven Rotary held theirs during the nastiest of nights above the North Haven Funeral Home. The party was hosted by The Havens and Catered by Anthony’s in New Haven.

Westport Rotary – Tuesday 12/17 was another snowy Connecticut Day but that didn’t stop the Westport Rotary Club from hosting the Orphenians during their Holiday luncheon. Attendees were treated to fantastic music as well as a delicious lunch.

Norwalk Rotary – Norwalk Rotarians turned out in big numbers at the Norwalk Inn yesterday for lunch to enjoy the spirited performance by the Norwalk High School Chamber Singers.

Old Saybrook Rotary – The Club held their Holiday gathering at the Hideway in Old Lyme last night. Gerri Lewis organized a rather elaborate grab bag swap, delicious meals (too bad I couldn’t stay for that) and a nice cocktail fellowship before the meeting. It’s always a pleasure visiting OSR!!

East Hampton & East Haddam Rotary – the two Club’s came together for a joint Holiday party last night at the Gelston House in East Haddam for a very big turnout with excellent fellowship, music, food and recognitions.

Rotary fun(draisers) this weekend in our great little State….

We have many fantastic Rotary Club Fun(raisers) coming up in our great little State of Connecticut this weekend. Indoors or outdoors; whatever your pleasure there is something for everyone.

The kick off to Fall is a perfect time to enjoy all of the special events that many of our clubs are putting on this weekend.  Jennifer and/or I will do our best to make most of these events this weekend and we encourage all District 7980 Rotarians to come out to support these clubs and have a little fun along the way.

Jenn and I will also make time for the Rotaract / Interact Assembly @ Notre Dame in West Haven on Saturday as well as fabulous picnic on Sunday afternoon with the Ridgefield Rotarians.

Watch for many photos from these terrific events…or better yet, attend them in person and live them first hand!!!

Spoiler Alert: Next Weekend also promises to be a fun packed weekend with Rotary events. Look for that posting on the next ‘hump day’.

If I missed a club event then send it on over and I will update this post.

Rotary District 7980 2013-14 Theme

Rotary District 7980 2013-14 Theme