District 7980 Conference & Assembly draws 455 Attendees over 3 days

Our District Conference / Assembly wrapped up this past Sunday at the Mystic Marriott in Groton. 455 attendees participated in our combined event from May 2nd – 4th  that included a community service project, a Paul Harris Luncheon, A Beatles Tribute Night, informative Plenary Sessions, A District Training Assembly, many well deserved awards and recognitions, a Kentucky Derby race with a hat contest, a House of Friendship, a 4-way test speech contest, great fellowship, fabulous food and drinks as well as an paralleled level of energy and excitement.


An event of this size and scale was a colossal undertaking which was pulled off by a pretty remarkable team that included: Jennifer Bassett, Totney Benson, Ann Brignola, Nick Casella, Nick D’Ambrosio, Chris Johnson, Jim Lang, Phoebe Leask, Doug Lisk, David Marchesseault, Mark Minotti, Mary Minotti, Dale Moore, Laureen Morley, Laima Nori, Mukund Nori, Glenn Pearson, Trish Pearson (Chair), Ellen Pollack, Julie Reppenhagen, Nancy Riella, Pat Rupwani, Jim Satterwhite, Pat Todd, Geraldine Tom, Debbie Volain, RoseMarie Bello (Conference Coordinator) … and the majority of the North Haven Rotarians!!

My sincere thanks and gratitude goes out to all of these hardworking volunteers plus the Rotary Clubs and Rotarians that not only attended the event but supported it by taking out sponsorships, donating raffle prizes, participating in the Plenary sessions and dancing up a storm during the BritishMania show.



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